David Harbor struggles to gain ‘good weight’ after extreme diet from ‘Stranger Things’

David Harbor is no longer bothered because of his “very strange thingslose weight – and finally let fans on social media know what he’s been through.

Harbor said he lost almost 80 pounds when his character, Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper, withered away as a Russian prisoner. according to an insider. On Thursday, he posted before and after photos on Instagram and talked about his grueling diet and exercise program.

“Many of you have asked me about Hopper’s physical transformation from Season 3 to Season 4. Harbor wrote in the caption. “My trainer @davidhigginslondon worked with me for 8 months to achieve transformation and then another year to get through the pandemic.”

Season 4 began eight months after the season 3 finale “Battle of Starcourt” in which the character of Harbor was captured and imprisoned by the Russians. Viewers were stunned to see Hopper return transformed from a 270-pound local law enforcement officer to a 190-pound Siberian gulag.

The first images in Harbor’s post were a collage of his physical changes in the show’s final season. The actor admitted that “it has been a difficult and exciting journey, changing diet and exercise plans (or lack thereof).”

He continued, “The second photo is me and David as we started the week, my resistance and rage blazing. And the third photo is the day of filming… All in all, I lost over 75 pounds. 265-270 in the third season and up to 190 when we filmed.”

The actor revealed that he “recently gained weight again” to play Santa Claus in an upcoming film called Cruel Night – and “is struggling to get back to a good weight.”

Harbor will play Santa Claus in an upcoming film titled "Cruel night."
Harbor will play Santa Claus in the upcoming film Cruel Night.

Roy Rokhlin via Getty Images

“All this up and down is bad for the body and I will have to give it up soon, but it’s such a fun part of the job to live in a different version of your skin for a while,” Harbor wrote. .

For Stranger Things fans who immediately devoured the latest episodes and can’t wait for the sequel, co-creator Ross Duffer recently revealed that the gap between seasons should be much shorter this time around. Filming has not yet begun, but season 5 is already fully booked.

“We’re going to take a little vacation in July” Duffer told Collider. “And then we’re going to be back. I know the writers room will open the first week of August.”