Donbass: Mother identifies son as one of two Americans killed in Ukraine

Kathy Lutsishin said the US State Department informed her of her son’s death.

The State Department confirmed to CNN on Saturday the deaths of the two Americans, but a spokesman did not provide any details about the individuals or circumstances. The spokesman said they “contacted the families and provided all possible consular assistance.”

Politico was the first to report that Luciszyn had been killed.

On Saturday, they asked about the condition of Alexander Dryuke and Andy Khunykh, two Americans captured Russian forces during the fighting in Ukraine, the spokesman said they were “contact with Ukrainian and Russian authorities about US citizens who may have been captured by Russian forces or proxies during the fighting in Ukraine.”

“We call on Russia to fulfill its international obligations to treat all persons captured in combat with the armed forces of Ukraine as prisoners of war,” they said.