FinTech Online Conference 2022 – Mastercard’s Muhammad Nana on Fintech Express Launch

Muhammad Nana is Mastercard’s Vice President for Fintech, Enabler and PSP partnerships in the EEMEA region.

He has over 6 years experience with Mastercard and has also worked for leading South African companies such as MTN and Standard Bank.

Nana has extensive knowledge of payment processing and has completed many complex projects for this environment.

He is passionate about the mobile payment industry and believes this is the future of payments.

At this conference, Nana explains how Mastercard has used its dominant position in the payments industry to become a leader in fintech.

He then highlights the main trends and challenges that Mastercard is facing in the fintech industry.

Nana also discusses the launch of Mastercard Fintech Express in the Middle East and Africa region and explains what the program is all about.

It expands on the three core modules of Fintech Express and concludes by highlighting what makes this program different from other solutions on the market.

The full interview with Muhammad Nana can be viewed below.