Racine man found guilty of killing beloved bartender

RASIN, Wisconsin. (CBS 58) – Racine’s favorite bartender gets her justice a week after she would have turned 42.

That’s because the man accused of killing her at her home in Racine last summer was found guilty on Friday, July 22nd.

Becky Rannough’s family is hoping that his sentencing date will be just as promising because it also holds a positive meaning for them. Montreal Greer is sentenced on Becky’s brother’s birthday.

“I’m getting, I’m getting the last birthday present from my sister and that’s her justice,” said Tony Rannough, Becky’s brother.

Hugs and tears outside the Racine County courtroom after the condemnation of the man who took this sweet bartender away from her loved ones.

“I am a friend, but she was my family. She didn’t have any friends. She had a family,” said friend Amanda Gonzalez.

After a week-long trial, it took the jury only two hours to deliberate and find Montreal Greer guilty of all charges.

“It won’t bring her back, nothing will ever bring her back. We still don’t know why he did it,” Rannow said.

Police say Greer stole Rannow’s mobile phone and PlayStation after the murder. Her pit bull was found locked in a room.

While some things remain unknown, witness testimony has shed light on the horrifying details of the case.

“There were some things that were shock and surprise, and besides the fact that we were already heartbroken, we broke our hearts 100 times to hear what really happened,” Gonzalez said.

Friends found Rannow dead at her home in Edgewood when she didn’t show up for work. The police testified that she had 17 bullet wounds. The defendant, Montreal Greer, was a friend of Rannow’s then-boyfriend and lived with a couple last winter.

“Like how could you do that? But no, he had the murder weapon. He was found with her things, he was found pawning her things. The phone was traced up to 90 feet from his home,” Rannov said. .

After the guilty verdict, a toast is given to Becky, because in life Becky has been busy joking around with her friends.

“It’s a bit sad because she’s not here to celebrate with us, we’re celebrating her justice for her death,” Rannow said. “But I’m getting good news that he will be sentenced, and when he is sentenced, he will be sentenced on my birthday, October 28th.”

After a difficult year, the family is finally relieved to know that Greer will remain behind bars.

On Friday night, July 22, we went to the Junction Pub and Grill where Rannow worked. They say that knowing Becky meant loving her, and they will never forget her.

In court, family and friends filled three rows. It is said that Montreal Greer did not seem to show any remorse.

The Rannough family wants the police to know how grateful they are for their efforts. They also want to thank the jury.