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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has created the worst information environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in softening the fog of war – both real fog and stage fog – in the comments. None of us need more support and repetition of unlinked memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value pom-poms without links will be ruthlessly destroyed.

And for those who are here for the first time, this is not just a polite request. We have written site rules and those who comment accept these terms. In order not to resort to a nuclear option of completely shutting down comments until sanity prevails, as we did during the Greek bailout negotiations in 2015 and shortly after the 2020 elections, we will moderate and blacklist violators ruthlessly.

– Yves

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Cheetahs will soon be reintroduced to India Talk

I went looking for seaweed in California and ended up in the Mother Vein NPR (David L.)

Lifestyle Aeon

Tour de France: Jasper Philipsen and Jonas Wingegaard crowned in Paris Tour de France

Global Study Finds ‘Parent Dialect’ Is Indeed a Lingua Franca New York Times (David L.)

The Rise and Fall of the Industrial House – Part 2 Building physics (re Šilc)

You can compare Australia in 2016 to Nazi Germany, and here’s why New Matilda



The Voegen effect hides a big methodological problem McGill

Post-COVID: Misery is worse among single and non-religious Americans Institute for Family Research (re Šilc)


White House says COVID-19 will stay with us forever Yahoo News

Tucker Carlson’s banned YouTube discussion on Biden, COVID and injections Khan’s Sage (Richard R.)


Lawmakers step up pressure on administration over monkeypox Hill

The agony of an early case of monkeypox New Yorker

Monkeypox explained: how to protect yourself and what to watch out for NPR (David L.)

Why monkeypox is spreading, but not as fast as Covid-19 indian express


Europe is not ready for a hotter world Politico

More than 90 million people in the US are suffering from alarmingly high temperatures on Sunday as the heatwave continues from the Mid-South to the Northeast. CNN

“American Scar”: the ecological tragedy of the border wall New Yorker (furry)

Heat waves hurt mental health, especially for the most vulnerable Grid (Kevin S.)

Thousands evacuated due to wildfires in California World

‘Explosive’ wildfire in California near Yosemite spirals out of control daily mail


FBI investigation finds Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications CNN

US attempts to make China an enemy require a lot of imagination Moon of Alabama. From the weekend, still German.

China plans three-tier data strategy to avoid US delisting Financial Times (Kevin W.)

Old Blighty

Forde Report villains now control the Labor Party Tribune

Race for number 10: Key Truss and Sunak supporters line up for the best jobs in the UK Financial Times (Kevin W.)

Deconstructing the cult of Winston Churchill: racism, deification and nostalgia for the empire Talk

Members of Parliament warn that worst NHS staffing crisis in its history puts patients at serious risk The Guardian (Kevin W.)

Train strikes revive UK unions with Alex Gordon labored


Technocrats will never stop the far right in Italy or anywhere else Jacobin

New not-so-cold war

US strengthens cyber alliance to counter growing threat from Iran Hill

Defiant Orban doubles down on Russia policy and arch-conservatism Bloomberg

NATO is a luxury item that the US does not need Foreign policy

For those about to rock, NAM 2.0 welcomes you Pepe Escobar (ctlieee)


Israeli Supreme Court rules citizens can be stripped of status for ‘breach of loyalty’ Mondoways

Inside Saudi Arabia’s plan to build a 75-mile skyscraper Wall Street Journal

Sri Lanka

Human rights group seeks arrest of ex-president of Sri Lanka in Singapore Al Jazeera

Big Brother is watching you

Amazon already knows a lot about me, but One Medical is taking it to a whole new level. CNBC (Kevin W.)


The criminal case against Trump grows stronger Atlantic (furry)

At the January 6 Hearing, the gender gap was strong hidden New York Times (fuzzy)


Has Hunter Biden’s clock finally stopped? Hill


Supreme Court Leak Investigation: So Many Questions, So Few Answers AP


‘All dug in’: Kansas furiously debates first vote since Rowe on abortion New York Times (Kevin W.)

State Police

The Florida man finally met his mate? Meet the Florida Sheriff AP

Supply chain/inflation

The Fed should emulate Volcker’s inflation-fighting tactics Financial Times

Elizabeth Warren: Jerome Powell’s Fed Delivers Painful and Ineffective Treatment for Inflation Wall Street Journal

The Fed’s Incredible Mission: Beat Inflation Without Causing a Recession NPR

class war

‘No one would choose this’: Freeway rest area and van become home to a Maine family Press Vestnik


The balance of childcare in America has collapsed Atlantic (according to Shilts)

Antidote Daily (ChetG):

Reds (squirrels) have a strong personality and are quite ferocious given their small size. They also have a great war cry that can strike fear into gray squirrels or chipmunks.

See yesterday’s links and Antidote du Jour: gentlemen.

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