Alicia Vikander recalls ‘painful’ miscarriage and portrays struggle with infertility on screen

Alicia Vikander shares intimate details about her journey to becoming a mom.

The Oscar-winning actor recently spoke to Sunday Timestalking about portraying a character who has a miscarriage after struggling with her own “extreme and painful” pregnancy loss.

“Now we have a baby, but it took us a while,” says Vikander, who has a 17-month-old son. Michael FassbenderThe Times said.

Couple in 2017 reportedly tied the knot at the La Granja resort in Ibiza.

Vikander and Fassbender met while working on the 2016 film The Light Between the Oceans. In the film, Vikander plays a heroine who has had two pregnancies.

In Vikander’s new series Irma Vep, one of the storylines also follows a character going through a pregnancy loss.

“Let’s talk about meth,” the actor told the Times.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander of Irma Vep welcomed their 17-month-old son last year.
Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander of Irma Vep welcomed their 17-month-old son last year.

Andreas Renz via Getty Images

The Ex Machina star said the film took on a “different meaning” after she suffered her own miscarriage.

Asked if films can help both actors and audiences deal with their own traumas, Vikander said, “Absolutely. [The miscarriage] it was so extreme, so painful, and of course it made me remember how I made this movie. Now this movie has a different meaning.”

She added: “Sometimes in life you have to face difficulties, and if you have a job in the office, you can get distracted for a while. But there are times when I or colleagues went through something, and I can’t understand how they then got on the red carpet.”

The lead actress shared that she didn’t officially know she wanted to be a mom until she was in her 30s, and the loss of her pregnancy solidified her desire to have children. “For a while, I didn’t think I could get pregnant,” she said. Harper’s Bazaar United Kingdom in April.

Although it was hard to get over this painful time, Vikander spoke about how she and Fassbender stayed together through fatherhood and concert juggling.

“In my small family, with my husband and child, we always travel together. That’s the rule,” she told Harper’s Bazaar at the time. “We do the work so that one of us can always be with the child.”

Irma Vep is available to watch on HBO Max. Watch the trailer below.