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Treasury bonds discussion today the current review mentions GDPPlus, which I didn’t mention. Here is GDPPlus in addition to GDP, GDI and GDO.

Figure 1: Real GDP (bold black), GDI (blue), GDO (red), and GDPPlus (pink). The peak-to-trough date as determined by the NBER is shaded in grey. Source: BEA, NBEI, Philadelphia Fedand NBER.

GDP plus quarterly SAAR growth was 2.7% in the first quarter, compared to -1.5% for the estimated expenditure portion of GDP.

GDPPlus follows the methodology outlined in Aruba and others. (J. Econometrics2016) [ungated version]. Jim H. discussed the GDPPlus approach at this post is from 2015. GDO discussed Furman (2016).