CSA holds rotation, training camp for next generation cricketers

Twenty-three of South Africa’s most promising batters and spin bowlers are currently participating in training camp in Durban.

Organized by Cricket South Africa (CSA) and led by Neil McKenzie, Shukri Konrad, Malibongwe Maketa, Paul Adams and Mthandeki Tshabalala, the camp will run until Thursday.

There are also some experienced older players, as well as players from the U-19 ranks.

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“The camp will be a great opportunity for our established young cricketers to improve their bowling and bowling skills,” said Vincent Barnes, CSA High Performance Manager.

“We called on our experienced spinners to create a well balanced team. I believe that this camp will be very useful for all participants.”

Maketa added: “One of the negative effects of Covid-19 has been that for the last three years our teams have not been able to travel to India where the back is more favorable. Given that we play so much cricket in the subcontinent, it is very important that we expose our lures to the conditions of the subcontinent.

“It was important for us to keep up with our spin game, which is why we came to Durban. We have made sure that the wickets are adapted to the spin and the requirements of our players.

“Experienced coaches will help them not only with the technical spin, but also with the development of a strategy for handling the spinning ball.”


BUTTERS: Michali Mpongwana, Andile Simelane, Valentine Kitime, Sinetemba Keshile, Patrick Krueger, Jonathan Bird, Reynard Groma, Joshua Richards, Jordan Germann, Jiveshan Pillay, Rouen De Swart, Deliver Mange

SPINNERS: Bryce Parsons, Tumelo Tlhokwe, Chepo Ntuli, Odirile Modimocoane, Prenelan Subrien, Jason Raubenheimer, Caleb Seleka, Tsepo Ndwandwa, Smangaliso Nhlebela, Bjorn Fortune, Kurt Mannicam

COACHES: Neil Mackenzie, Shukri Konrad, Malibongwe Maketa, Paul Adams, Mthandeki Tshabalala.