“Danger!” Reportedly chooses permanent hosts and they seem to be familiar

Variety, citing an unnamed source “familiar with the matter,” reported that the game show producer, Sony Pictures Entertainment, would split Bialik and Jennings’ duties on the syndicated quiz show, while also retaining Bialik to host prime-time editions and the new “Danger for celebrities! the show is scheduled for ABC.

Negotiations for Bialik depended on her availability while she filmed another season of her Fox sitcom Call Me Kat. reported Deadlinewho, citing several sources, revealed that Bialik and Jennings would return next season.

TVLine also reported that he confirmed “Danger!” move, but Sony Pictures Entertainment declined to comment.

Bialik, a Big Bang Theory alumnus, and Jennings, a former member of Jeopardy! the champion, after all, alternated as guest hosts this season after the former “Jeopardy!” For a short time, producer Mike Richards replaced Trebek. Richards resigned. in August 2021, when past racist and sexist comments he made on the podcast came to light.

This was preceded by a parade of guests, including LeVar Burtonwho actively campaigned for a permanent post.

According to a poll by TVLine, 18% of viewers wanted Jennings and Bialik to continue as is, while 54% preferred Jennings to get the job himself and 19% were in favor of keeping Bialik alone.