Juan Soto greeted again at Dodger Stadium as trade rumors swirl

Juan Soto as well as Three Turner both used the word “crazy” on Monday afternoon.

It’s crazy for Soto to be traded to the Washington Nationals before the August tournament. 2 terms.

Turner, crazy what Dodgers seem to be one of his potential – and perhaps most likely – landing sites.

“I don’t know if I can recruit,” said Turner, Soto’s former teammate at the National Do get a Dodgers case last year“but I’m a Dodger and hopefully he’s a Dodger too.”

For now, Soto remains a national player, returning to Dodger Stadium this week as a guest.

AT Nationals win 4-1 on Monday nightHowever, the 23-year-old star outfielder was treated very differently.

When the Nationals line-up was read over the public address system before the game, Soto’s name was met with applause.

When he stepped onto the deck at the top of the first row, almost everyone in the front row in front of him pulled out their phones to take a picture.

Then, as he approached the plate, he was greeted with more ovations and some hopeful chants from the crowd of 48,647 in Chavez Gorge:

— Future Dodger! Future Dodger!

It was the same chant that Soto had chanted during the All-Star Game last week, when a group of fans in the back pavilion of Dodger Stadium caught his attention as he stood in center field.

“It was hard to miss,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who was in a dugout during the game.

Soto’s tasks?

“I mean, it sounds pretty fun,” he said with a soft smirk. “But in the end, I’m glad they’re rooting for me. I don’t mind what they say. They say something good. I think I’m just enjoying it.”

Soto, who went two-for-four with a walk and a key three with two runs to help the Nationals (33-65) end the Dodgers’ eight-game winning streak, no longer enjoyed the past week as news broke that he had turned down a 14-year contract extension. for $440 million from the Nationals and thus be available for a possible trade.

The All-Star faced questions about his future for the second time during the classic midsummer holidays last week, though he still managed to win the home run derby trophy awaiting him at Dodger Stadium when he returned on Monday.

Rumors continued to swirl as the Nationals season resumed this week – a long-lost campaign for a franchise that won the World Series in 2019 but came out this week with its worst record in major tournaments.

“It was crazy, things I never thought could happen to me,” Soto said on Monday, again answering questions at the away club at Dodger Stadium. “This is the first time this has happened to me, so it was hard.”

Treya Turner of

Trea Turner of the Dodgers and Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals joke after finishing the seventh inning on Monday at Dodger Stadium.

(Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press)

Soto claimed he tried not to think about trading speculation, including the possibility of being traded to the Dodgers (64-31).

“I never think about it because I never see myself in any of it,” Soto said. “I have always been loyal to the Nationals, I have always been there for them. As you can see, wherever I go, they try to take me out of my team. But I just keep in touch with the Nationals because I’m there now and I’ll be loyal to them as long as they don’t want me here.”

Someone who can tell: Turner, who faced similar uncertainty a year ago before being sent to Los Angeles with Max Scherzer in the biggest deal of the deadline last summer.

Turner and Soto maintained a close relationship, although their conversations of late have not touched on Soto’s uncertain future.

“He’s pretty secretive,” Turner joked to reporters before the game.

“So I have to try and piece it together myself.”

Turner knows his old teammate has had a hard time.

“It stinks for him,” Turner said. “But he studies every year. This is the business side. Last year, I know he was very angry when everyone was traded. He learned that this is a business. It is what it is. But hopefully it works for both sides.”

Turner would like the Dodgers to win too.

Even for a team that currently sits at number one – thanks in large part to the contributions of recent superstars like Turner, Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman – the thought of adding Soto was greeted with enthusiasm at the club.

“I think I learned a little bit last year that if there’s a good player, the Dodgers will be considered the place for a lot of reasons,” Turner said. “It’s just crazy… The talents of all the players are here.”

Turner did limit the possibility, noting, “I don’t believe in a lot of things until it happens, which is why you hear it all, but until it happens…”

However, when Turner spoke in the dugout a couple of hours before the first pitch, he was looking at the field, where Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman stood nearby.

“I’m pretty sure that if this person can get it at the right price,” Turner said, “he’ll do it in the blink of an eye. This is the cool part of the game here. If these people are free, they will be here.”

Short jumps

Justin Turner (rib discomfort) played baseball on Monday and could be back by Tuesday or Wednesday…Chris Taylor (foot fracture) ran for the first time since he was injured earlier this month and should start rehab assignment early next week.