Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner criticize Instagram for ‘trying to be like TikTok’

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are criticizing Instagram for “trying to be like TikTok” with changes that promote videos instead of photos, as the platform boss defends the move and says it will “turn into videos” over time.

  • The criticism comes from Instagram redesigning its app to make Reels the leader.
  • Jenner and Kardashian complain that the redesign echoes the TikTok platform.
  • The couple urged Instagram to stop being like TikTok and focus more on photos.
  • Instagram head Adam Mossier shared a video addressing such complaints on Tuesday morning, but made no mention of Jenner or Kardashian in the clip.
  • He said the app is testing new features and design, but will focus more on video in the future.

Kylie Jennerwho is the most popular woman in Instagramand her older sister Kim Kardashian are calling out the platform in “Do Instagram Again” stories after they said the app is “trying to be like tik tak.

The disapproval comes as Instagram increasingly promotes its cutscenes, a form of short video that appears to have taken a page from a collection of TikTok games.

The Story post suggests that the sisters are opting for Instagram to return to its roots by focusing on photo sharing. “Stop trying to be a tiktok, I just want to see cute pictures of my friends,” the post read.

Jenner has 360 million followers, including Instagram head Adam Mosseri, who accidentally shared a video Tuesday morning to express reality TV celebrities’ distaste for the redesign, but he doesn’t mention them by name in his short video.

Mossair explained that he and the rest of the Instagram team envision the platform “over time becoming video” because video is the most popular content shared and consumed on the platform.

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Kylie Jenner has spearheaded the “Make Instagram Instagram Again” movement. She expressed opposition to the new redesign of the TikTok-like app.

Meta launched Reels in August 2020 in response to TikTok’s growing dominance in the video sharing market. He now works on Instagram and Facebook.

However, it seems that Meta’s efforts weren’t good enough to keep their users.

Many users will now see full-screen videos as they scroll through their feed and are shown content from other users in the hope that you will follow them – all too much like TikTok, according to Jenner.

Monsieur, however, responded to those concerns in his Tuesday edition, noting that full-screen videos are a test and acknowledging that the redesign is “not very good yet” but that he and his team are working on improvements.

Jenner's story (left) is about Instagram's new redesign, which she says is similar to TikTok.  Jenner's sister, Kim Kardashian (right), shared the same story an hour later.

Jenner’s story (left) is about Instagram’s new redesign, which she says is similar to TikTok. Jenner’s sister, Kim Kardashian (right), shared the same story an hour later.

Offering content is always off the mark as many users are confused as to why they are being shown certain things they are not interested in. The Instagram executive once again admits that the app “doesn’t do a good job of ranking.”

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri responds to such complaints but says he evolves with the world, and the world is video.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri responds to such complaints but says he evolves with the world, and the world is video.

He also noted the biggest complaint Instagram has received is the lack of attention to photos.

Monsieur said he “loved”[d] photos” and these photos will always have a home on the social media platform, but the team is looking ahead and the world is sharing videos.

However, he bluntly stated last year that Instagram was “no longer a photo-sharing app.”

Jenner and the Kardashians may be the faces of the protest, but change hurts people who aren’t in the spotlight.

Rob Sheridanthe Tacoma, Washington-based artist and writer shared his frustration on Twitter, noting that Reels is holding his audience hostage unless he’s making shitty videos, which he says “that’s not what I do.”

“And don’t say ‘just log out of Instagram’.” I would love to. But as any freelance writer or small business will tell you, you are invisible without social media,” Sheridan tweeted.

Monsieur may not have touched on Tuesday’s Instagram rival TikTok Reel, but he urged users to stop sharing TikTok on Instagram.

Instagram said it wants to focus on original content, giving creators the tools they need to post directly to Reels and “make sure the credit goes to those who deserve it.”

In a tweet, Mosseri said that Instagram will now focus its algorithm on rewarding original creators with improved tags and rankings for originality.

“Creators are very important to the future of Instagram and we want to make sure they are successful and get all the recognition they deserve,” he said.