Lewis Hamilton says he lost ‘about three kilos’ during French Grand Prix due to drink bottle problems

On a sultry Sunday afternoon at the Paul Ricard circuit, the seven-time world champion showed his best result of the season, finishing in second place behind the Red Bull team. Max Verstappen.

Despite the bottle problem, Hamilton said he felt “fantastic” after the race.

“I was just a little dehydrated,” he told reporters. for F1. “The drink bottle didn’t work in the race. I don’t actually drink at the races, so this is the first time I’ve tried it all year and it didn’t work.

“Now I didn’t see my weight, but I could imagine [I lost] probably around three kilos… I’m looking forward to finishing the rest of this drink.”

Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate George Russell finished third on the podium and Hamilton was delighted with the car throughout the weekend.

“But what a day, what a weekend,” he said. “Especially with missing FP1, [I’m] I’m just so proud of the team – it’s an incredible result. Winning races and getting those results is everything.

“And, of course, we know that we do not have the same pace as the two teams. [Ferrari and Red Bull] forward, but reliability is a huge fundamental part of the process, which is why I’m so proud of my team for the reliability we have.

“What a great result…George did a great job too, so getting 2nd and 3rd place is really special for us.”

After much speculation surrounding his future in F1, the 37-year-old Hamilton has said he wants to stay in the sport for a few more years.

At the French Grand Prix, Hamilton became only the sixth driver in F1 history to complete 300 career races, and his current contract with Mercedes expires at the end of the 2023 season.

“I’m still fresh and still feel like I still have a lot of fuel in the tank,” Hamilton said. “Of course I want to get back to winning ways, and that will take time. I’m sure at some point we’ll sit down and talk about the future.

“This is my 300th GP and I woke up incredibly grateful to all the people who were with me,” he added. “Ron Dennis, Mercedes, Martin Whitmarsh, Toto, Niki Lauda… I’ve been on an incredible journey with them.

“I’m enjoying it more than ever.”