New hardcore hypercar Maserati Project24 unveiled

Maserati spoke in detail about the new Project24 supercar.

Based on the red-hot MC20 supercar, the new model turns the dial all the way.

The car is so hardcore that you can’t legally drive it on the road. Instead, it is reserved for racing tracks only.

The Italian brand will only build 62 Wild Rides.

Maserati hasn’t revealed prices for Project24, but a regular MC20 costs over $450,000 in Australia. so expect the track-only version to cost well north of $500,000.

Under the hood is a 552kW 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine mated to a six-speed racing transmission with paddle shifters that drives the rear wheels.

For comparison, Project24 has the same power as four Toyota Corollas. This, combined with a target weight of less than 1,250 kg, results in a powerful power-to-weight ratio that is about six times that of the double cab Toyota HiLux.

The frame of the car is made from ultra-light carbon fiber, as is most of the bodywork.

It is equipped with massive Brembo brakes that provide impressive stopping power.

This is paired with 18-inch forged aluminum wheels wrapped in racing slick tires.

There are wild aerodynamic features, including a giant rear wing, that help keep the car on the ground at high speeds.

It comes with a racing seat with a six-point harness, and you’ll have to pay extra for a passenger seat.

Other optional features include a reversing camera and telemetry technology that records your track performance and lap times.

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