Parliament 2022: Bridget Archer to oppose Labor’s climate bill

Peter Dutton has faced a riot in the ranks of Tasmanian Liberal MP Bridget Archer, who has vowed to move half the floor to support Labor’s 43% emission reduction goal.

While the Albanian government is trying to strengthen legislation to garner support from the Greens, Ms Archer said she believes it’s time to “put an end to climate change wars.”

“My only job is to represent the people of Bass,” she told ABC radio on Tuesday, the first day of the new parliament.

“I’ve done polls of the electorate (and) this has always been identified as the number one problem.”

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And she’s not the only MP considering crossing the floor, Liberal MP Andrew Bragg in the Senate is also considering her options.

But any uprising is likely to be limited by the fact that many of the MPs who lost their seats to the Teal Independents in the last election were moderate MPs most likely to support climate change action.

Ms Archer said she also had no problem with reports that Labor wanted flexibility to boost ambitions above 43%.

“I think we can get hung up on numbers,” Ms. Archer said. “But I think we need to reschedule this conversation.”

Ms. Archer crossed the field of contentious legislation before showing off an independent streak.

In the last parliament, she crossed the floor to support an independent federal integrity commission bill after accusing the government of “inertia” on the issue.

Labor and the Greens are negotiating a deal to cut emissions by 43% by 2030.

Energy Secretary Chris Bowen said he was open to breaking the benchmark, which could be key to securing support for the Greens.

“The bill makes it clear that 43% is our minimum commitment and it does not interfere with our collective efforts to achieve even greater reductions in the coming decade,” Mr. Bowen said.

But the Coalition seized on the developers’ warning that Labour’s loftier 43 per cent emission reduction target would tax all Australians.

“Once you make laws, you make a tax,” National Party MP David Littleproud said.

“The protection mechanism means you tax every Australian,” he said.

Peter Dutton indicated that the Liberal Party would oppose the law.

Originally published as Liberal Party MPs protesting Coalition stance on climate change to cross floor on Labor Party bill