Tesla faces multiple lawsuits over alleged behavior

Tesla is facing accusations of poor build quality in Germany.

German edition Build reported that the owner of the Tesla Model 3 sued the American manufacturer in Munich for allegedly painting cracks on the bottom of the car.

The owner discovered cracks in the underbody when he was changing a tire, and he claims the service center painted over the cracks to hide them instead of fixing them.

The court has not yet ruled on the case.

This is not the only Tesla incident that has recently been taken to court in Germany.

According to business insider A Munich court ordered the American electric car manufacturer to reimburse the owner of 99,419 euros ($146,149) due to problems with the autopilot functions of the car.

Tesla’s autopilot feature uses a variety of cameras to allow the car to automatically steer, accelerate, and brake within its lane.

The owner claimed that the 2017 Tesla Model X was unreliable in detecting objects and suddenly slowed down for no reason. The court ruled that braking is a danger on the road.

The bad news for Tesla doesn’t end there.

According to Reuters the company is also being sued in a Berlin court by the German consumer protection group VZBV.

At the same time, Tesla is accused of misleading advertising and breach of data protection.

The group alleges that Tesla made misleading claims about how much CO2 buyers would save by buying a Tesla.

VZBV says the company’s claim that it is helping to reduce emissions does not take into account the fact that it is selling emissions credits to other manufacturers, allowing them to emit more CO2.

He also claims Tesla Guard Mode violates data protection laws.

The Tesla sentry mode activates when it is parked and detects that someone is near the car. It then uses a wide array of cameras to record the vehicle’s surroundings in the event the vehicle is damaged or attempted to be broken into.

This is not the first time Tesla has been sued in Germany.

In 2020, a German court ruled using the word “autopilot” to describe one of its functions overstates its capabilities. This decision could result in Tesla being forced to change the name of its semi-autonomous driving feature.

At the time, Tesla boss Elon Musk responded on Twitter stating that the feature was named after the term “Aviation” along with a Wikipedia entry saying autopilot does not replace human operators.

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