All in the family for Maya and Ethan Hawke

ON THE Ethan Hawke documentaries red carpet Latest Movie Starsactress Maya Hawke was pictured next to her father, the spitting image of her mother, Uma Thurman.

The snap, which was posted to the elder Hawk’s Instagram, has nearly a million likes.

While fans of 24-year-old Maya only learned she was the daughter of two Hollywood stars recently after she wrapped up her role in season 4 very strange thingstheir parent-daughter bond is closer than many think.

In one interview with If if magazine, Maya claimed that her mother ignited her close relationship with nature, which can be seen in her second album, Mosswhich will be released in September.

“My mom really introduced me to nature,” she said.

“My mother is an outstanding gardener. Every reference to nature you hear on the tape comes from her and her relationship with upstate New York. My mom has a sort of mystical sensibility when it comes to nature and that continues to be an incredible force in my life.”

Her father also had a hand in getting her interested in music.

“When I was with my father, we spent a lot of time together, playing the guitar, singing songs, writing poetry and drawing until late at night,” she recalled in an interview.

“I was a child who was not interested in sports, so he had to deal with me creatively. This was the basis of my attitude to communication with art.

Because of both parents, Maya has always been interested in acting and has claimed that “there was no moment” when she decided to pursue an acting career.

“The happiest place in the world for me was on set or on stage,” she said. People in another interview.

The Hawks, including Thurman, had an eventful year in both film and television.

Maya was in the fourth season very strange thingswhile Hawk was in moon knighthorror black phone and played a brief important role in Northerner.

Thurman is currently filming his scenes for old guard continued in an unknown role.