Ashley Judd shares her ‘hot wish’ for mom Naomi Judd 3 months after her death

Ashley Judd says she has taken a fresh look at mental health amid the grief she continues to experience after her mother’s death. Naomi Juddcommitting suicide this spring.

The star of the “Berlin Station” fell on Healing with David Kessler Podcast for an emotional conversation this week in which she shared how she dealt with her loss. An important first step, she said, was admitting that her mother suffered from “an undiagnosed and untreated mental illness” for most of her life.

“There are different behavioral expressions, interactions, flights of fancy, choices that she made, and I understand that this was an expression of illness,” Judd explained to the host. “I understand that and I know that she was in pain, and today I can understand that she did everything she could, and if she could have done it differently, she would have done it.”

Years later, Judd said she had come to terms with the fact that she was not the cause of her mother’s illness, but also that she “couldn’t control it” and “couldn’t cure it”.

However, she hopes that the elder Judd was able to find the sense of peace that eluded her for most of her life shortly before her death.

“My most fervent wish for my mother is that when she transitions, she will hopefully be able to let go of any guilt or shame she has carried for any shortcomings she may have had in her upbringing of my sister and me.” she said. “Of course on my part, everything was forgiven long ago.”

Naomi Judd died at her home in Nashville. April 30just days before her Grammy-winning country duo The Judds were inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame. She was 76 years old.

Ashley Judd later confirmed that her mother committed suicide.

Elsewhere in her conversation with Kessler, Judd praised her sister: Winona Juddand stepfather Larry Strickland for collectively allowing each other to grieve “in our individual and appropriate way”.

“We’re not trying to control, redirect, or dictate how the other should feel at any given moment,” she said. “We may be in slightly different places, and yet we are in a community.”

Despite his grief, Judd continues to look to his future with optimism.

“I want good health and vitality, and have as many chances of happiness as possible,” she said. “My family just went through a lot of grief, a lot of trauma. We resist generations of resentment, and I believe it is within my power to do otherwise.”

Listen to Ashley Judd’s Healing with David Kessler interview below.