Extraordinarily good

SOUTH Korean drama series Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu is a legal drama written and directed by Yoon In Shik. Woo Yeon-woo (Park Eun-bin), a recently graduated autistic lawyer, starts working in a law office and has to fight discrimination because of her disability, as well as fight for her clients in the courtroom. She soon befriends popular colleague Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh), who, despite some of her quirks, treats her with kindness and supports her through her toughest times.

Lawyer Wu’s take on this typically boring genre is unique. While many previous legal dramas have dealt with intense, ruthless explorations of courtroom rage, this series seeks to shed light on legal issues through Yeon-woo’s naïve eye. Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu drives the overall storyline that allows Yang-Wu’s business and clients to take center stage.

Yeon-woo appears as a single-minded character and a skilled lawyer who quickly defeats most of his colleagues. However, there is not much time for personal and professional communication. However, it does benefit the series as it makes sense for Yeon-woo, a character who doesn’t communicate in the same or the same degree as a non-autistic person. One of the reasons I’m so hooked on this drama is the chemistry between Park and Kang’s characters. Since the drama focuses on various legal issues in each episode, we don’t see much of a romantic relationship between Young Woo and Jun Ho.

However, whenever they appear on screen together, they always give us the best of themselves. Jun-ho seems to care deeply for Yeon-woo based on his actions and words, and it’s the little things he does for her that make everything more compelling to watch. Kang Ki Yong plays Yeon Woo’s immediate boss, while Ha Yoon Kyung and Joo Jong Hyuk play members of her team… and professional rivals. All of the supporting actors are doing great in their roles and contributing to the overall quality of the drama.

I would by no means call the show revolutionary, but it is real. And each episode is hilarious, with outstanding acting and an intriguing plot that promises to take new directions as the season progresses. If you like court dramas, I can tell you will love this one. Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu available on Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday until the series finale on August 18.

Throw: Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, Ha Yoon Kyung and Joo Jong Hyuk

Producer: Yoon In Shik

E-VALUE: eight


PLOT: eight