Lamborghini goes crazy with new Huracan concept

Supercars should be appreciated.

Exotic low-slung cars, made from expensive materials and adorned with subtle aerodynamic features, are known for their fragility when taken out of their natural environment.

Exotic supercars, usually parked near expensive hotels or restaurants, traveling on scenic routes or on a race track, are almost never found on the dirt.

Something Lamborghini It seems that with the advent of the Huracan Sterrato, everything will change.

Presented as an antidote to exotic cars protected from the weather in pressurized chambers, the Sterrato is being transformed into a supercar capable of traversing places previously inaccessible to mid-engined cars.

Places without traffic jams no speed limitsand no highway patrol.

Equipped with the same 5.2-liter V10 engine as the regular one. Lamborghini HuracanThe Sterrato is equipped with many modifications for off-road adventures. It has a higher suspension with dramatically increased ground clearance. Underbody armor protects the car’s chassis, while the wider body allows for thicker all-terrain tires.

A roof-mounted air intake should help the engine breathe fresh air, while front guards or low-mounted side vents reduce the risk of stone punctures in the radiators.

Fog lights and roof rails add to its appeal.

Lamborghini has not officially announced that the off-road Huracan will go on sale, but has released several teaser videos and photos pointing to the production model since the concept first appeared in 2019.

Rally-ready version may join Rambo Lambo Porsche 911. Porsche flirted with the high-riding version of the previous iteration of its reference 991-generation coupe before pulling the pin on the production version.

But the German brand has been delayed in testing a “Safari” version of its latest 992-generation machine, suggesting the all-terrain sports car could join Porsche’s Macan and Cayenne SUVs.

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