Springfield couple freaked out after catching man recording at home

Springfield, Massachusetts. (WGGB/WSHM) – A couple in Springfield freaked out after spotting a man using his phone to record in their home.

Police said they don’t believe it’s a peep, but it could still be dangerous.

The couple spoke exclusively to Western Mass News, but wished to remain anonymous and hidden from cameras for their own safety. They told us that they were worried that the person might come back and possibly make things worse.

It all started when, late at night, the couple were alarmed by their dog barking at the door.

“We were in our room, and then the dog barked,” the wife told us. “When my husband checked the cameras, he realized that someone was filming at the window.”

The couple provided us with surveillance video. You can clearly see a man holding what looks like a phone pointing it out his bedroom window.

They said they immediately called the police and told them what they saw.

“They couldn’t do anything if they didn’t see him here when they arrived,” the wife said.

The Springfield Police Department told Western Mass News that although the situation is frightening, they do not believe it is a peeping situation.

“Obviously it’s very disturbing to have someone on your property this late at night,” Springfield Police spokesman Ryan Walsh said. “Our officers who have been involved in this, at first, believe that the most disturbing thing is that potentially someone wants to break into their house.”

The police said that prior to this situation, there were reports of some suspicious activity in the area, but they have since placed police officers in the area.

“We haven’t seen this kind of activity in the last week or so, so let’s hope the problem is gone,” Walsh told us.

However, the Springfield couple are still very worried, especially since they have four children at home and don’t want to confront this stranger themselves.

“We don’t dare confront this person because we don’t know if they are armed and if they are dangerous,” the wife said.

“That’s my fear,” her husband added. “That I’ll go check and they’ll shoot me and the police will come and I’m dead.”

The police said that if you see anything suspicious in your area, report it immediately.