Entry level mechanical keyboards: keychron v1

Keychron, a premium manufacturer of mechanical keyboards, has released a new entry-level keyboard aimed at customers who are new to the hobby called the Keychron V1. This keyboard has a simplistic design that omits some of the more sophisticated designs of Keychron’s flagship keyboards. For example, this keyboard has a single shim design rather than the heavier double shim design.

In addition, the Keychron V1 comes with three different switch options: Tactile Brown, Clicky Blue and Linear Red. This basic offering also helps customers know what to expect from the sound and feel of the keys without being keyboard experts. However, the keyboard is still fully hot swappable, meaning customers can experiment with different keycaps and switches at their leisure.

Keychron V1 has full support for QMK and VIA for personalizing features and backlighting, however this is not required for all clients as the keyboard comes with out-of-the-box support for Windows and Mac as well as a dedicated backlight button. for various RGB models. Essentially, Keychron V1 is designed to give new mechanical keyboard users the taste of a custom mechanical keyboard at no additional cost.

Image Credit: Keychron