Historic plane makes special stop for Vietnam veteran from Wichita

HIVITA, Can. (KWCH) – Wednesday, July 27 marked the reunion of the 50-year-old Vietnam veteran in Wichita. The plane that arrived at Yingling Aviation made a special stop for Miron Janzen, a man who served his country half a century ago and kept his love of aircraft alive.

Janzen flew extensively while serving in Vietnam. In particular, he always kept one aircraft close to his heart – a modified Cessna 337.

On Wednesday afternoon, Janzen had the opportunity to reunite with the aircraft he had become all too familiar with during his time in Vietnam.

Pilot Dennis Warren bought and restored a Vietnam-era aircraft.

“Myron helped me with a historic, painful job, a lot of history on this plane,” Warren said.

On Wednesday, Janzen not only got the chance to see the familiar plane he has come to love, but he also took to the skies.

“It was much better than I remember it,” he said after the memorable flight over Wichita. “When I did it before, it was work, it was work, and you had to be on the lookout because someone was trying to follow you the whole time you were there. And here I was comfortable, no one shot at us.”

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