How to get photos in chronological order on Instagram

Insidious ways to return Instagram feeds to their former glory have been exposed after the social networking site was targeted by an angry army of users.

A 2016 update saw Instagram ditching chronologically ordered posts in favor of algorithm-based channels saturated with featured posts, a move that hurt influencers and passive users alike.

The app has been favoring video content over photos lately and has been accused of being too similar to the TikTok video-sharing platform.

Such questions formed the basis of a petition created by artist Tati Bryuning called “Make Instagram Instagram Again.”

The petition, which has nearly 200,000 signatures since Saturday, calls for the return of the chronological timeline, an algorithm that favors photos, and for Instagram to listen to its creators and “stop trying to be TikTok.”

“No need to complicate things, we just want to see when our friends post, the beauty of Instagram is that it was INSTANT,” reads part of the petition.

“In the early days of the app, we all lived in the moment, seeing our best moments in real time.”

For people who are fed up with the endless stream of recommended posts, there are several ways to manipulate the app to only see what you’re interested in.

How to view featured posts

Posts that show up as “suggested” in the feed can be deleted by users for up to 30 days at a time with a cheeky hack.

By selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the suggested posts, users can select “not interested”.

Instagram will then hide the post and offer a menu of choices, including the option to “snooze all proposed feed posts for 30 days.”

The technique will need to be performed again after the 30 day period.

Remove ads

Users can enjoy an ad-free experience by logging into their Instagram account through a web browser.

Scrolling through the app in the browser will not show the rules or recommended messages, as was the case with the pre-2016 user.

Originally published as Instagram hacks to get scroll back to algorithm