Nigeria: opposition senators demand impeachment of President Buhari

Nigerians will go to the polls in February 2023 to elect a new president in a fierce election where security and the health of the economy will be top issues.

Senator Philip Aduda said that in a closed session of the Senate, Democratic People’s Party (PDP) senators tried to move a motion giving Buhari six weeks to improve the country’s security or face impeachment.

“Nowhere in Nigeria is safe, not even in Abuja. Urgent action must be taken … we have given the president six weeks to resolve the problem, otherwise we will impeach him, ”he said.

Nearly 300 prisoners on the run after alleged Boko Haram raid on prison in Nigeria

Aduda said the proposal was blocked by the president of the Senate, prompting a strike by opposition senators. Parliament is controlled by the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) party, and any move to impeach Buhari would require the support of two-thirds of the senators.

The President, in a statement, stood by the President of the Senate for not “amusing himself with a ridiculous proposal to impeach our President.”

Nigeria is grappling with security issues across its vast territory, including armed robberies by gangs, an Islamic insurgency in the northeast, and a spate of mass kidnappings of schoolchildren in the northwest.

Government Information Minister Lai Mohammed said the impeachment initiative was propaganda.

“We are working around the clock … to make sure the situation is under control,” Mohammed said.

Nigerian authorities ordered schools in the capital, Abuja, to close on Wednesday two days before summer break, lest they become easy targets for terror as instability spreads, highlighting security concerns in the country.

The Islamic State this month claimed responsibility for Abuja prison raid which freed about 440 prisoners.