NRL 2022: Craig Bellamy’s big call will give opponents a huge head start

Some of rugby league’s greatest minds wondered how the game could thank the Warriors for their incredible sacrifice over the past three years to keep the NRL going.

When you talk about the best minds in football, few are better than Storm coach Craig Bellamy, who has a pretty radical idea ahead of the 2023 season.

“I don’t know what, but we could give them four or six competitive points to start with because they probably deserved it after being out for three years,” he said.

The Storm could use four or six points right now after four losses in a row, but Bellamy spoke of how those hardships were nothing compared to what the Warriors had to endure during their nomadic journey up and down the East Coast. Australia after border restrictions meant they had to stay. away from their families to keep the competition going.

“I think there are players who haven’t set foot in New Zealand except for the last game against the West Tigers,” Bellamy said.

“What they have done for the game is incredible.

“To move to Australia and live in Radcliffe – some without a family, and some with their family – they did a great job.

“They basically supported the competition and made a lot of sacrifices – far more than any other team in the competition.

“We should all take our hats off to the Warriors and congratulate them and be grateful for all they have done.”

One of the ideas being put forward is to play all 24 Warriors games in New Zealand.

It would be important for other clubs to get a home game across the ditch, especially the Storm, who draw huge crowds when they host the Warriors on Anzac Day.

“It may not be in my hands, but we can do everything to express our gratitude and support what the Warriors have done (we will think),” Bellamy replied when asked if the Storm would reschedule their home game. to New Zealand.

“We will certainly look into it. They certainly deserve recognition for what they have done.”

The Storm have more important things to worry about after they arrived in Oakland on Wednesday night ahead of a dangerous Friday game against the struggling hosts.

A team that has been in the top four for the past decade has slipped to fifth place and is in free fall, with its defensive structures falling apart as they contend with multiple injuries on their outer backs.

Bellamy says the club has to do small things to get big results and that will start on Friday against a team they have beaten 12 times in a row.

“Now we are in a situation where we need to improve our form a bit and be more consistent in the things that are important for us to play football well,” he said.

“At the moment it is not important for us to win or lose.

“It’s about finding a bit of form and being more consistent about things that we know are important for us as a football team to perform well. We’re back to really honing these things in practice and hopefully we’ll get better in the games.”

Bellamy expects a much more competitive fight than what we saw on Anzac Day, when Storm scored 54 points in the second half to win 70-10.

The Premier League-winning manager called that night “weird” and said the Warriors would be much tougher this time around at home with former Melbourne player Tohu Harris in the roster.

Bellamy also addressed rumors that the club were trying to pinch Rhys Walsh before the end of 2022, though that seems dead as the August 1 deadline is only a few days away.

“At some stage we were hit on the head,” he said. “I’m not sure how far it’s gone.”

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