Odd Facebook Tribute to Craig McLachlan After Neighbor Snub

Former Neighbours actor Craig MacLachlan paid tribute to the longtime Australian soap after being rejected in the latest episode.

In a video posted to Facebook on Thursday night, McLachlan appeared in his character Henry Ramsay’s jumpsuit to congratulate the program on its continued success.

“I’m declaring it, I’m declaring a national romper day in honor of Henry Ramsay and of course Australian super soap, Neighbours” he said.

“You know, I got an invitation to join the show back in 1986. An exciting call that changed my life, a call for which I will be eternally grateful.

“Good memories, good people.”

As Henry, he told viewers, “Thank you for letting me be part of your special Neighbours, I really appreciate it.

“Hey, I used to swear a lot about this hair, but the mullet is back, and the mullet will stay here, as will Henry Ramsay. Thanks again, I gotta finish this, love you guys,” he said.

In his post, McLachlan said he made the clip “to say goodbye to Henry and the neighbors.”

“I liked spending time on Neighboursloved the cast and crew, love you all too! Hope you enjoy it,” he wrote.

He used to clap Neighbours creators for succumbing to the “cancellation culture” after he was eliminated from the long-awaited final episode.

McLachlan played Charlene’s brother, Kylie Minogue’s character Henry Ramsay, on the beloved TV series from 1987 to 1989.

Two years ago, McLachlan, 56, was cleared of assault charges brought against him by four women he worked with on The Rocky Horror Show in 2014.

Now he claims his past has come back to haunt him, believing Sun he believed his troubles with the law were the reason he was shunned from the canned series’ star-studded finale.

A rep for the actor said that reincarnating his mother so that Ann Charleston could be involved in the episode was a particular sticking point.

“Henry’s dead mother is being reincarnated for the final episode, but the abolition of culture will prevent her son Henry from appearing or even being recognized,” McLachlan’s spokeswoman said exclusively. Suncontinuing to call neglect “destructive”.

“What Craig and his partner have endured over the past four and a half years — only to come out on the other side and face, among other things, an attempt to permanently erase his role in Neighbours history is destructive,” the spokeswoman said.

“Craig was not invited to take part in the final episode or contribute in any way to the completion of the film. Neighbours.

Henry was and continues to be Neighbours a favorite, a character that Craig loves to this day. Craig has participated with joy and enthusiasm in a number of Neighbours holiday milestones over the years, and was always so excited when I was invited to participate.”

In 2020, the father of one was cleared of seven assault and indecent assault charges against four women he worked with in 2014 on the Australian production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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