Podcast: Drought, this time in northern Mexico

The drought has dried up the reservoirs that provide much of the water for the 5 million people who live around Monterrey, northern Mexico’s financial capital. The crisis caused massive upheaval. Anger is mounting that government officials are allowing the region’s factories to continue drawing water from an overburdened aquifer through private wells, while some residents are left without water for days.

Today we take a look at the city and the unfolding crisis that experts say is a serious warning to the rest of Mexico and the American West. Read the full transcript.

Master: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: LA Times Foreign Correspondent Keith Linticum

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Taps have run dry in Monterrey, Mexico, where there is water for factories but not for residents.

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The study found that the western megadrought was the worst in 1,200 years and was exacerbated by climate change.