Wire Suspended PC Cases: EVGA E1

EVGA, a PC hardware manufacturer, recently launched a premium PC case called the EVGA E1. This case marks the company’s first release of a hanging PC case. Instead of being a closed box with computer components inside and getting fresh air through intake fans, the EVGA E1 allows every component to have free access to indoor air.

The EVGA E1 uses taut cables to hang the tray in the center of the case. This tray is attached to the motherboard, which is then attached to each of the computer’s components. The EVGA E1 is available in three configurations: “EVGA E1 Kit 2” retails for $1,599.99 and includes the case only, “EVGA E1 Kit 1” includes the case, power supply, and optional EVGA 3090 graphics card, and the “EVGA E1 Bare Bones” includes a case, graphics card, EVGA motherboard, and a 1600W EVGA power supply. EVGA E1 Bare Bones sells for $4,999.99 and is made to order.

Image credit: EVGA