Batteryless Medical Wearable Devices: UCI

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) has developed a new wearable medical device that is completely battery-free and can track patients’ vital signs in real time.

So far, the university has only launched a prototype of the new device, but based on early trials, it looks like the technology is a viable option for collecting key biometric data such as body temperature and blood pressure. Of course, what sets this device apart from regular wearables is that it does not require a battery or external power supply to operate. Instead, the device can be powered in two main ways: through a connected device or, more interestingly, through finger tapping.

ā€œImagine you are working in a remote location ā€“ anywhere, in the desert on a mission, in the mountains, or even on a space station, for example ā€“ and you need to track your health information on demand, or there is an incident and you need to urgently and accurately monitor someone’s vital signs… This wireless, self-powered device allows you to do just that,” said UCI researcher Rahim Esfandyar-Pour.

Image Credit: Shutterstock