Blitzboxes advanced to Commonwealth Games quarter-finals

Blitzbox relieved in Commonwealth Games quarter-finals after a comfortable 36-5 pole win over Tonga in Birmingham, England on Friday night.

This was the second victory for blitzboxes in a row after them. beat Malaysia 46-0 at the start of their competition on Friday, meaning they will take on Scotland to see who finishes at the top of the pool on Saturday afternoon.

If the Blitzboxes beat Scotland as expected in the pool final, they will likely face Canada in the quarter-finals on Saturday night.

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Blitzbox got off to a brilliant start against Tonga, scoring a goal within the first 30 seconds after captain Sivive Soyizwapi picked up the ball and scored a goal from the left corner.

Tonga then enjoyed a good game to keep the blitzboxes at bay, but the pressure eventually took its toll as Kirsty Grobbelar broke through the defense to score a goal from under the post, with Ronald Brown’s conversion putting them 12-0 up.

Immediately after the restart, the Blitzboxes got the ball back, went through several phases before Grobbelaar scored his second in the right corner.

However, Tonga put up a good fight to run in their own attempt after the horn at half-time as Samisoni Asi stepped up to make it 17-5 at half-time.

The blitzboxes started the second half quickly again, this time JC Pretorius put the end to it after kicking and chasing Selwyn Davids.

Sako Makata then came off the bench to break through and score under the post, and the conversion saw the Blitzbox up 29–5 with four minutes to play.

It was then an embarrassing end to the match, as Blitzbox replacement Mfundo Ndlovu was forced off the field after a hard shot from John Ica hit him in the jaw.

Ika received a red card for his efforts and Ndlovu is unlikely to reappear in the tournament due to a concussion.

The Blitzboks then ended the game in a big way as the man advantage saw Dewald Human in overlap and under the poles to seal the win.

Pole mount


Blitzbox vs Scotland (13:18)

South African women

The South African women’s team struggled on the first day of the competition and were quickly eliminated from the quarter-finals after two heavy losses to the women’s heavyweight Sevens of Australia and Fiji.

The tournament began in the morning with a 38–0 defeat against current World Series leaders Sevens Australia before losing 41–0 against third placed Fiji in the evening session.

South African women will be disappointed at not registering a try after two games and are hoping to end their pool phase with a victory over Scotland on Saturday morning.

Pole mount


South Africa – Scotland (10:00)