Commonwealth Games 2022: Sophie Unwin cries after medal in women’s tandem cycling B

Paracyclist Sophie Unwin burst into tears after trying to join the medal ceremony at the Commonwealth Games Saturday Morning (AEST).

In a cruel twist of fate, Unwin and her driver Georgia Holt appeared to win bronze in the women’s Tandem B sprint at Lee Valley Velodrome, only to be denied a podium finish due to technical issues.

As Australian Jessica Gallagher and driver Caitlin Ward took to the podium to collect their gold medals, Unwin was seen standing in the background inside the track as the equipment was handed out.

She was seen bursting into tears before security officials told her to leave the ceremony.

Even though Unwin finished third, he missed out on the bronze medal because there were only four competitors in the event, meaning that only the gold and silver medals were up for grabs. The event was originally planned to have five participants, a scenario that would have won a bronze medal.

The big screen on the track also revealed that Unwin had won the bronze, and it was only later that she was informed of the technical details that cost her a podium spot.

As Gallagher and Eileen McGlynn of Scotland raced in the gold medal showdown, Unwin’s contest against Libby Clegg of Scotland was officially listed as a “bronze medal”.

Unwin was even congratulated when she was interviewed after the race before heading to the awards show where she learned the bad news.

She left in tears. It was a truly pathetic scene.

Unwin and Holt eventually returned to the arena and were seen walking up the podium alone in their own mock ceremony.

The couple were seen wearing bronze medals around their necks and celebrating with the English flag as the crowd gave them a big round of applause.

The pair reportedly borrowed medals from the English women’s pursuit team.

News agency journalist Ian Parker reported that the English team has contacted the Commonwealth Games Federation and claims that the decision not to award the bronze medal should be reversed.

Originally published as Commonwealth Games cyclist told to leave in tears after being denied a bronze medal