Flooding in Las Vegas: several casinos, the entire Strip under water

Las Vegas was hit by severe thunderstorms that flooded its entire party, including iconic hotels and casinos like Caesar’s Palace and Planet Hollywood.

The monsoon brought down heavy rain in the Las Vegas Valley on Thursday evening local time, causing flash floods along the Las Vegas Strip, turning streets into rivers and tourist spots into indoor pools.

On Friday, the National Weather Service issued both a flash flood warning and a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of the valley, including downtown Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.

A video posted to Twitter shows the streets of Sin City flooded with flood water as the cars are submerged. Other clips show how water pours into the casino and destroys part of the infrastructure.

One of the popular locations affected by the heavy rain was Circa Sportsbook, where several videos were posted on social media showing flood water soaking the carpet from the inside.

Another video posted online shows water pouring through a hole in the ceiling of the Planet Hollywood casino on Las Vegas Boulevard. Employees can be seen recording chaotic scenes on their mobile phones.

Caesar Palace was also affected by the flooding, as a video posted online showed the ceiling was unable to hold water, which subsequently spilled onto the carpets.

One social media video shows water pouring through a screen at the Circa Resort & Casino and pooling on the carpet below. Additional videos show the water flowing rapidly through the garage of the LINQ Hotel.

Another Twitter user captured the moment Fremont Street, the heart of downtown Vegas, home to many of the world-famous casino hotels and nightly shows, was plunged into darkness as rain hit the city.

No casualties have been reported at this time, Las Vegas fire information officer Tim Szymanski told reporters.

More than an inch of rain fell in several places in the valley in two hours. The wind was blowing at speeds up to 80 km/h, and record gusts of 114 km/h were registered in Flamingo and on the East coast. Las Vegas Review Journal. The hurricane reportedly cut power to 7,300 people.

This was announced by a resident of Las Vegas, Alexander Wolf. New York Post he saw “curtains” of precipitation outside his window.

“We have good drainage systems, but sometimes the water just overwhelms them,” said Simon Jowitt, who is also from Vegas.

“It can also be dangerous for the homeless, who sometimes live in drainage systems as a shelter.”

“The other thing is that we don’t often get rain, so it’s hard to check if the roofs and the like are really waterproof; probably what happened tonight at the casino,” he added.

“These rains don’t happen that often, but we’ve had a few days in a row now.”

Elsewhere, local airports are experiencing serious delays due to flooding.

Earlier Thursday, local time, departure delays at Harry Reid International Airport averaged 50 minutes. According to FlightAware.com, the planes that were supposed to fly to Las Vegas were delayed at the departure airports until at least 23:00.

The National Weather Service’s office in Las Vegas announced early Friday that the rain had ended for most of the Vegas Valley, but some areas were still flooded.

Las Vegas is known to be one of the driest major cities in the US and has an arid climate all year round. The city typically receives four inches of rain a year. The Las Vegas National Weather Service said more than an inch of rain fell in parts of the city on Thursday alone.

Originally published as Swim City: Las Vegas is under water as several casinos, the entire Strip, the airport are flooded