Jessica Alba Thinks Marvel Movies Are ‘Still Pretty Caucasian’

JESSICA ALBAstar of two Fantastic Four films, spoke publicly about the lack of diversity in the representation of women of color when she first arrived in Hollywood.

In an interview with Glamor Great Britainthe Latino actress stated that Marvel still favors Caucasian actors and characters in its films.

While Alba acknowledges that there has been a push for diversity in recent years, the entertainment industry still has a long way to go. She also mentioned that the improvement is more of a commercial nature, implying that regulators have recognized that a more diversified lineup leads to higher revenues.

She said, “Even if you watch the Marvel movies, it’s the biggest engine of fantasy and what’s going on in entertainment right now because it’s kind of a family affair — it’s still pretty Caucasian.”

She also said that she was one of the few actresses the day before Marvel was sold to Disney.

Variety’s tweet about Alba’s thoughts on diversity resonated with actress Jameela Jameel. She claims that Marvel is “far ahead of everyone else” in terms of diversity, and that it has improved a lot over the past decade.

She has also cited films such as Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Shang Chi and ten ringsand series She Hulk – in which Jameel herself plays the supervillain Titania – as an example.

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