Police say stuck pedal sends driver into stop sign as SUV crashes into house

IDAHO FALLS – A woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after an SUV crashed into a house Thursday night.

It happened at the intersection of Lomax Street and Wabash Avenue around 5:50 pm.

According to Idaho Falls Police spokeswoman Jessica Clements, the driver of a Chrysler Town and Country minivan was driving south on Wabash Avenue when something got stuck on the gas pedal. This prevented the driver from stopping at the intersection.

A man driving a Mercury Mountaineer was driving west on Lomax Street through an intersection when the van collided with an SUV.

suv home 2
Contributed by Amy Sunderland

“The van turned around and the climber continued down the sidewalk and entered the house,” says Clements.

The foundation and exterior of the house in the 600th block along Lomax Street were significantly damaged. The person in the room opposite the wall that was hit is fine.

Both drivers escaped with minor injuries. Clements says the minibus driver was held accountable for not stopping at a stop sign and reminds everyone to keep the space around the vehicle’s pedals clear.