Polish minister: China remains a ‘strategic challenge’, West must do more to confront Russia

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The US and Europe need to do more to counter Russia and China or the West risks threatening the world.global security architecture.”

“I’m pretty sure that for Putin, Ukraine is just the first step,” Polish Undersecretary of State for Security Marcin Przydacz said in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital during the Aspen Security Forum. “There are many other countries in his immediate neighborhood that he would like to dominate, at least creating a sphere of influence, and not just this post-Soviet bloc, as many of us might think.”

Poland was at the forefront of the invasion of Ukraine, acting as the main point of support from NATO and the largest shelter for Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country to escape the war. About 4,787,154 Ukrainians crossed the border into Poland, about half of the 9.8 million refugees who dispersed to neighboring countries after the invasion began.

This prominent role has once again attracted Poland’s attention as a key figure in security discussions. NATO discussed attempts Send fighter jets to Ukraine first stationing them in Poland to return troops, and President Biden in June announced plans for a new permanent US Army headquarters in Poland, which Przydacz said was “very welcome” in his country.


“If you ask me what we could do more, of course, the more American troops on Polish soil, on Polish soil, the better, so we will work on this with Washington to encourage them to have even more presence on … Polish soil.” he said, highlighting the various investment opportunities for American businesses in a “stable democracy” like Poland.

Relations between Poland and the US remain strong, with Przydacz calling his country “one of the most pro-Atlantic and pro-American” countries in Europe, praising the good relations between the leaders of both countries.

“Whoever’s sitting on the Hill and in the Oval Office, we’re next…trying to have the best possible relationship with America,” he said. “It was Ronald Reagan who paid special attention to Poland’s policy and is highly respected in Poland, and now, as an ally, partner of Washington, we pay great attention to these relations.”

“That’s how it was with President Trump,” he added. “There was a special, special personal relationship between our two leaders, but we also managed to develop a very good relationship with the current administration.”


However, Przydacz warned that the West was “not doing enough” to fight Russia on all fronts. pointing to germany as an ally with “higher” expectations who must “do much more” to support Ukraine and fight back against Germany.

“When it comes to criticism of Putin, it should not only be Poland, the US or our British allies, but we should also expect our German partners to do a little more and be a little more active,” he said. . “Let’s be ambitious and try to encourage our German partners to be a little more active.”

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (left) speaks to the media before meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau (not shown) at the State Department, Friday, February.  February 4, 2022 in Washington DC.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (left) speaks to the media before meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau (not shown) at the State Department, Friday, February. February 4, 2022 in Washington DC.
(Nicholas Kamm/Poole via AP)

Poland, as well as the UK and several other countries at the forum last week, emphasized the huge threat of China to global security. Western efforts to alienate Russia and deprive her of her economic standing appear to have provided an opportunity for China to turn Russia into a more reliable ally.

Przydacz urged the West, especially America, to do more to mitigate this threat.

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“We really see China as a challenge to this global security architecture,” he said. “But I think there should be a little division of labor.”

“We are already at the front lines on the western and eastern flank… we are doing everything possible to contain Russia, but whenever our allies asked us for help, we, as a good ally, were always ready to do it: in Iraq, we were with the Americans, we were with the Americans in Afghanistan,” he continued.


“Hopefully there will be no need for such operations, but we support our allies to save the world we live in.”