Romantic honeymoon of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

AFTER At their surprise wedding in Las Vegas, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez flew to Paris for a romantic getaway and have since been spotted in the French capital on their honeymoon of a lifetime.

Both stars were spotted for the first time in a city park last Friday. The source said People magazine that they spent more than two hours on a park bench hugging and kissing.

On Saturday evening, they were seen at the newly opened Plénitude restaurant at the Cheval Blanc hotel. As their night ended, a bouquet of balloons was delivered to the couple’s hotel room around midnight.

Lopez’s birthday fell on a Sunday, and she organized a full day of activities with her family, including a visit to Maison Dior on Avenue Montaigne, a two-hour private tour of the River Seine on Peter III – a 71-foot teak “gentleman’s yacht” built in the 1950s – and a visit to the Picasso Museum in the Marais before walking the streets to the Center Pompidou.

That evening, Lopez and Affleck sneaked out for a late birthday dinner at Le Girafe, a Parisian restaurant with a terrace offering stunning views of the Eiffel Tower.

The observer said People that the couple were seated at the table closest to the landmark, and a turquoise balloon they had brought with them was attached to their table.

“They were close, very close to each other the whole time. They hugged a lot,” the source added, adding that they seemed very “in love.”

According to an observer, Affleck took a picture of Lopez around midnight before she got up from her desk and released the balloon towards the Tower.

The insider added that the waiter brought Lopez and Affleck a cake with candles. After the dinner celebration, the stars returned to their hotel where they spent some time interacting with a small group of fans waiting outside.

“I once gave Jennifer one of those little Eiffel Towers that glow for her birthday. She was very touched and posed with him,” the source said, adding that Lopez happily carried the illuminated statue back inside after the photo.