SBS Morning News Briefing: July 29, 2022

Good morning, this is Ryan Tamer with the SBS News morning briefing.

Now we call heat waves. Is this a sign of hard times?

The world has long been familiar with the names of natural disasters such as Cyclone Tracy and Hurricane Katrina. Now, as cities around the world continue to grapple with extreme heat, Seville is giving them names and ranking their levels of severity. They named their first fever according to the new system “Zoey”, which this week had a temperature of over 43 degrees Celsius. Climate experts say heat wave names can help people understand they are just as dangerous as other natural disasters. The difference is that heat waves are invisible, and .

‘Stop having sex with men’: Controversial advice from monkeypox

That’s what Riley [not his real name] was said when he picked up prevention and with your nurse. He wanted advice on monkeypox and . They said there was nothing that could be done other than limiting sexual contact with other men. Riley, who is gay, said her response raised concerns about how monkeypox would create stigma in the LGBTIQ+ community, similar to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. While 98 percent or so far, from men who have sex with men, anyone can contract the virus. And Australian health authorities are urging people to be vigilant and remember: “the virus makes no difference.”

What happened between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping over the phone

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned his US counterpart Joe Biden . They spoke amid growing concern over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan. This is a move that will infuriate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). For the CCP, this visit will be seen as a recognitionand Mr. Xi told Mr. Biden that the US should abide by the “one China principle” followed by the US, and Mr. Biden said it has not changed.

Additional visa options for Ukrainians seeking asylum in Australia

. Immigration Minister Andrew Giles announced that Ukrainians will now be able to apply for bridging visas to flee their country, as well as for those who have already fled since February. They can also apply for a protection visa, which can serve as a pathway to permanent protection. The decision from the federal government is just a few days that was .

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