Shohei Otani extends strikeout streak but Angels lose

Shohei Otaniway out against Texas Rangers was not his strongest compared to what he has been able to achieve so far in his career. It was still a good start, but there was slightly more traffic on the base paths than in the last two months.

In six innings Thursday at Angel Stadium, Otani gave up eight hits and two earned runs, including a home run, but also struck out 11 en route to his team. defeat 2:0 division rival. It was his sixth straight start with 10 strikeouts or more, his ninth such start this season, but he was charged for the loss, bringing his record to 9-6.

Otani struggled with his first three batters of the game, giving up three hits in a row to load the bases.

Markus Semien, his first batter of the game, reached first base with one hit on the recently returned David Fletcher. Fletcher dove to choke the Grounder as he crossed the outfield grass behind second base, but when he got to his knees to first attempt a shot, he accidentally batted the ball off himself.

Corey Seeger and Jonah Heim, his next two batters, both took the outfield line.

Then he started clicking. It took Otani five assists each to get rid of Nathaniel Lowe and Adolis Garcia.

A group of kids sitting in the Lexus Diamond Club broke out into a chant of “Shohei” as his next batter, Leodie Taveras, entered the box. And three innings was enough to complete the innings without missing a single Rangers.

He bent his arm and raised his fist to the sky, celebrating his victory in the short battle.

“I cut all of these hitters down to two hits, and they got this two-hit single off three from me. [times] in a row, but I was able to hold on there and somehow get out of it,” Otani said through translator Ippei Mizuharu.

But Otani had to wait out the rest of the night and didn’t get any support from the runners. Angelsresentment.

He went 1-2-3 of the second inning and a mostly clean third inning before being hit with a solo home run in the fourth.

Shohei Otani of the Angels flies out next to Texas Ranger Seeker John Heim.

The Angels’ Shohei Otani crashes alongside Texas Rangers catcher Jon Heim during the sixth inning at Angel Stadium on Thursday.

(Alex Gallardo/Associated Press)

Lowe, the first Ranger to hit the ball in the fourth round, took a look at Otani’s 1-1 slider and hit it just above the most central digital billboard along the midfield wall. Otani was looking towards the wall in midfield, the spare ball twirling in his hand.

He then struck out the next three batters.

In the fifth inning, two hits, a single by Josh H. Smith and a double by Seeger, would give the Rangers another shot. Otani ended his night after being tripled by Lowe, but there were no extra runs as Otani eliminated his next two batters, Garcia and Taveras, and then forced Calhoun’s Calhoun out.

“That home run turned out to be decisive,” Otani said. “It’s very unfortunate, I could have avoided it, but I felt like the second run I threw was something of a dagger.”

The Angels’ offense throughout the game had some exciting extra base hits, but none of them equaled a run counted on the scoreboard.

Luis Rengifo thrilled the crowd with a triple hitting the left corner of the outfield wall in the first inning. His shot, landed by Rangers starter Spencer Howard, initially looked like it would just be a double. With Smith still stumbling around that corner, still out of control of the ball, Rengifo turned second and made a break for third.

He remained stranded in that inning and then again in the sixth when he doubled to center field. As did Fletcher in the third and Brandon Marsh in the fifth.

Fletcher’s double came on his first hit of the game and was his first major league hit since May 6, two days before he went on the injured list.

Rengifo also scored in the ninth inning, narrowly missing a home run.

“That streak that he went on for quite a long time right up to the last inning of his last start,” Nevin said of Otani, “knowing that every pitch he throws is a small error due to our foul makes him even bigger.” what he does is impressive.”