Supersonic founder Calvin Collett’s new venture is Melon Mobile

Supersonic founder and former CEO Calvin Collette returned to his entrepreneurial roots and founded a new telecommunications venture. Melon Mobile.

Collette began his entrepreneurial journey in 2005 when he founded iConnect, a service provider offering last mile voice communications solutions.

He originally ran iConnect from Louis Trichardt, but the business moved to Fourways, Johannesburg to take advantage of the emerging VoIP market in 2008.

Under Collett’s leadership, iConnect has grown rapidly to become one of the leading players in the VoIP market in South Africa.

Ten years after iConnect moved to Johannesburg, Collett was ready for new challenges and joined MTN’s new fiber division.

With his background in telecommunications and his entrepreneurial spirit, he was ideally suited to launch MTN’s new fiber optic ISP, Supersonic.

MTN had just acquired the struggling Smart Village and asked Collett to turn it into MTN’s “next big thing”.

“I was stuck putting together a team that to this day is unmatched in skill and enthusiasm,” Collette said.

“We have introduced a new culture of commitment, hard work and entrepreneurship, empowering employees to take action.”

Collette and his team created an ISP with simple products and prices that were easy to deal with.

His subscribers rated Supersonic so highly that he received the coveted ISP of the Year award in his first year of operation.

The ISP also acquired exclusive wireless rights to Tarana and became the first carrier in the world to commercially launch a product under the Supersonic AirFibre brand.

After four years at Supersonic, Collette left the company to return to his roots as an entrepreneur.

Collett’s latest venture is Melon Mobile, which has been described as “Africa’s first truly digital telecommunications company.”

He began to assemble a team to create a company, but did not share other information about Melon Mobile.

The Melon Mobile website simply says, “We’re still working on something really different… in South Africa.”

The company said it can’t comment on its launch plans yet.

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