William Shatner’s lost wallet found at fruit stand in California

Sounds trite, but William Shatner thanks some employees of the fruit stand in Gilroy, California.

91 year old “Star Trek” icon recently lost his wallet at the B&T Farms fruit stand and was only found after workers spotted him sits in a basket of corn.

It is reported that the actor bought four baskets of $2 worth of chilled cherries and corn.

“He paid for it before he got the corn, and I’m guessing he had his wallet in his pocket, in his shirt pocket,” said Gary Tonetti, owner of B&T Farms.

Tonetti was shocked when he saw what he called Shatner’s “brown, bumpy, and seemingly ostrich-skinned” wallet.

Officer Mark Tarasco of the Gilroy Police Department told Tognetti that he would help find Shatner.

With the help of the Beverly Hills Police Department, Tarasco was able to contact Shatner’s agent in a couple of hours.

“They actually shipped it by FedEx that Thursday and he got it by Friday,” Tonetti said.

Shatner expressed his appreciation for the wallet’s return, thanking the fruit stand on Twitter.