Biden talks about his negative Covid test and broader efforts to fight the pandemic

President Joe Biden spoke in the White House Rose Garden after testing negative for Covid-19 and lifting the strict lockdown measures he followed since contracting the coronavirus. coronavirus last week

“My symptoms were mild, my recovery was quick and I feel great,” Biden said in a short speech before returning to work in the West Wing. He worked at the White House residence after the conclusion of the contract. COVID-19 last week

Biden’s symptoms “are steadily improving and have almost completely disappeared,” White House physician Dr. B. Kevin O’Connor wrote in a letter. published by the White House on Wednesday.

Biden, 79, also discussed where the US is in its two-year fight against the virus.

“What is different now is our ability to protect ourselves from serious illnesses caused by Covid. In fact, today it is radically different from what it was just a year ago,” Biden said.

“Covid hasn’t gone away. But even as cases are rising in this country, Covid deaths are down nearly 90% from when I took office” in January 2021.

O’Connor wrote in his letter that Biden received a five-day course of the antiviral drug Paxlovid, one of several new treatment options that have contributed to a significant drop in Covid death rates.

“This life-saving drug reduces the risk of hospitalization and death from Covid-19 by about 90%,” Biden said of Paxlovid.

He added that in many places the drug is “free, safe and easy to take. And we are rapidly working to make it widely available.”