Eastern st. Louis declares emergency days after historic flood

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOV) – Thursday, Vostochnaya st. Louis announced that the city had declared a state of emergency due to Tuesday’s historic flooding.

The press release said Mayor Robert Eastern III declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, although the press release was issued on Thursday.

St. Clare County also declared a disaster on Thursday, but said it took effect Wednesday.

Many places in Metro West declared a natural disaster immediately after the flood on Tuesday.

“I called the governor’s office today … they haven’t heard from the mayor to declare this a national disaster,” said East St. Louis resident Denise Smith. Louie’s resident whose house is still underwater near Terrace and State Street. “I had a 2 year old daughter. So basically I had to carry her over my head, walking through neck-high water. We just wonder why we don’t get help from FEMA and other similar organizations. Most of us have been calling 211 since Tuesday and not a word has been answered. We didn’t hear anything. I have nowhere to turn. I don’t have any resources or anything like that. That’s why I depend on them.”

Smith told News 4 that the city has placed stranded residents at the DraftKings Casino Queen hotel, but residents don’t know how long they can stay there.

“I’m in shock he’s still so tall,” said Shannon Smith, whose family lives near Mary and Terrace.

Smith told News 4 that her niece and aunt had to evacuate.

“Her basement and things are flooded,” she said. “I haven’t seen this happen in a long time, but if it happened before – I mean – they should know it has to happen again. They must do something to help these people.”

News 4 contacted East Street. Mayor Louis’ office and his spokesman said several times that he was unavailable on Thursday.