France braces for another heatwave next week – third this year

France will experience another heat wave from Monday, with temperatures forecast to approach 40°C, according to Météo-France weather forecasters.

This will be the third heat wave in France this year.

“After a brief respite this week, temperatures have risen again in much of the country this weekend,” Météo-France told AFP.

“A new heat wave is being set in France with temperatures likely to exceed 35°C from Monday south of the Bordeaux-Lyon line,” the ministry added.

The forecaster said the heat could linger for several days in the southeast, though he added there was “uncertainty” about weather patterns after Wednesday.

Maximum temperatures from Monday to Wednesday could rise to 36-39°C in the Rhone Valley and the southwest on Tuesday.

Maximum temperatures of 38°C are expected on Wednesday in the east, from Alsace to Lyon. In Paris, the temperature will reach 30-34°C.

According to experts, extreme weather events such as heat waves have become more frequent, intense and prolonged as a result of climate change. The situation will only get worse if governments and people do not make significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Météo-France cannot yet predict beyond next Wednesday, and no departmental warnings of extreme heat have yet been issued.

Temperatures are expected to remain below 30°C near Brittany and the English Channel in northern France.

The country experienced one of the earliest heatwaves in recent history in June and is emerging from a second heatwave that lasted from July 12 to 25.

According to the Météo-France website, the latest extreme weather event was the “third most intense” and “fifth longest” since 1947.

Since 1947, 45 heat waves have been registered in the Fifth Republic. Three of them happened this year.