Investigation opens into gruesome incident at Hong Kong concert

AUTHORITY Hong Kong has announced that they are opening an investigation into a shocking incident in the middle of a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, which left one of the backup dancers at risk of paralysis.

During a performance by 12-member Cantopop boy band Mirror on Thursday night, a giant LED panel fell from the ceiling and landed on stage, injuring two dancers, as seen in videos that immediately went viral on social media. Both dancers were later taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

One dancer, 29-year-old Chang Ts-fung, was discharged a day later, while the remaining dancer Mo Li Kai-ying, 27, remains in intensive care. Reports said he was “in danger of being paralyzed from the neck down”.

You can watch the video of the incident gentlemen (Caution is advised due to the graphical nature of the video).

At a press conference on Friday, Hong Kong’s secretary for culture, sports and tourism, Kevin Jung, appealed to the public for understanding to allow authorities to look into all the details of the case, which he said could take weeks.

“From initial observation, it appeared that the wire had broken, causing the screen to fall and injury to the dancers,” Yeng said.

Netizens noted that in the days leading up to the disaster, there were reports that audiences at three previous concerts at the venue had been warned that the stage and scenery seemed unstable, which would no doubt raise questions of culpability.

The next concert, scheduled to be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum, will take place in mid-August, and authorities have indicated that concert organizers may be prohibited from installing large sets for upcoming shows until the ongoing investigation is completed.