MaMkhize from Royal AM on Mnisi

Royal AM boss Sean “MaMkhize” Mkhize beat around the bush when asked about the suspension of her club’s chief executive Sinky Mnisi this week.

Instead of answering “yes” or “no” to the question of whether Mnisi was actually removed from office, she chose to be Colonel Sanders.

Sanders is the founder of the famous KFC fried chicken restaurant, the recipe of which was kept secret from the very beginning.

“You know he’s suspended, but did we talk about it?” MaMkhize said on Marawa Sports around the world This week

“Okay, I will not answer this question, because this is the same thing that happened with the case of (Viktor) Letsoalo.

“The media can say whatever they want. If I have anything to say about my CEO, I’ll call a media briefing. I do it all the time.

“I also go to (different radio stations) all the time. So if I had anything to say, I would let you know. But I’m not going to have fun with the noise of the world.”

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But when asked to answer, she began to beat around the bush and did not give a direct answer.

“What do you mean by saying he showed up for work?” But then she softened a little. “In this case, the general director will not come to the performance of his official duties. He does not wake up in the morning and does not come to work.

“But this is the internal affairs of Royal AM, which I am not going to discuss here in the media. I can’t tell how my CEO works, just like you’ve never seen a Kentucky recipe…

“They can’t tell you their recipe. I will never be able to reveal the secret of Royal AM in public.”

But according to Mgosi Fakaaati’s team report, Mnisi was suspended amid accusations that he made important club decisions without consulting those in power.

Chief among them was allowing former coach John Maduka to step down after he did a superb job last season.