Strange 183-million-year-old fossil found on UK farm

A strange looking fish fossil has been discovered on a farm in Stroud, England.

According to BBC newssea ​​creature is called pachycormus – believed to be around 183 million years old, with large teeth and wide-open eyes.

The stone was discovered by fossil hunters Neville and Sally Hollingworth.

“It was a real surprise because when you find fossils, most of the time they have been flattened by pressure over time,” Neville said.

“But when we prepared this one to gradually expose his bones, it was amazing, because we suddenly realized that his skull was not crushed.

“His mouth is open – and it seems that he comes out of the rock at you.”

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The specimen was found on a grassy bank behind a cowshed in the village of Kings Stanley.

Landowner Adam Knight did not know that his cattle were grazing on the surface of the fossil bed.

He gave permission to the Hollingworths and a team of scientists from the University of Manchester to explore the area further.

An excavator was brought in to unearth new nodules in which the stunning fossil was originally buried.

The team found more fish, squid and the bones of two ichthyosaurs, marine reptiles that look like dolphins.

“We have an entire food chain,” said paleontologist Dean Lomax of the University of Manchester.

“So this pachycormus would eat smaller fish and squid.

“And then the ichthyosaurs would eat them pachycormus“.

The fossils will be on display at the park museum in Stroud.

Originally published as Strange 183-million-year-old fossil found on UK farm