Tanzanian woman bridges justice gap with digital platform [Inspire Africa]

In this issue of Inspire Africa, Jerry Fisayo-Bambi tells the story of university graduates in Rwanda who recycle plastic bottles into bricks and pavers for construction. The project, founded by Awoke Ogbo in 2018, was implemented in 2020 under a program known as Operation 414.

The second article in this episode reports on the success of a mini-hybrid solar power plant in Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The facility, opened in February 2020, is the work of Nuru, a Congolese group improving communications in the Central African country. The company’s power plant in Goma, in the Ndosho district, consists of nearly 4,000 panels, each capable of producing 335 watts.

In our interview segment, Fisayo-Bambi talks with Tanzanian lawyer Nima Magimba. Several accounts describe Magimba as a Tanzanian woman using her legal expertise for the greater good.

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