Drew Barrymore shares tips from best friend Cameron Diaz in the 1990s

Drew Barrymore said her best friend and Charlie’s Angels co-star. Cameron Diaz changed her life.

“I made a promise to my best friend Cameron Diaz that I would become what she has pushed me to do all my life, which is being environmentally friendly, being conscientious and living a certain sustainable lifestyle.” Barrymore told People in an article published Thursday.

The talk show host said to Diaz, who just announced her return to the big screen, prompted Barrymore to stop being wasteful and rethink her leisurely approach to everyday consumption. Barrymore said she has since given up her “favorite thing in the world”: Ziploc bags.

“Cameron was literally saying, ‘Stop running the water while brushing your teeth! Do not do that! And she always felt like that big sister clinging to me,” said Barrymore.

“She’s been telling me this since the 90s,” she added. “Once I started living this way and really making commitments, [I] I saw the world in a different way and it made me put it all into practice and action.”

Barrymore spoke to people about Grove Collaborative, a home improvement company that prides itself on being sustainable. In April, she became an official partner of the company.

As for Diaz, the actress has been open about her personal efforts to protect the environment for many years.

The California native turned into a lifelong environmentalist after seeing her father work on pipelines in Long Beach, California. by time. In 2009, she released a YouTube short for Marie Claire titled “Cameron Diaz saves the worldin which she nudged strangers into their carbon footprint.

Do you know where you get your water from? Diaz asked one person. “Of course we don’t know. And we should probably find out.

Diaz even told former Tonight Show host Jay Leno that she refuses to flush the toilet after urinating. according to the New York Times.

“If it’s yellow, leave it soft; if it’s brown, wash it off,” Diaz said. “I believe in it 100 percent.”

While it’s unclear if Barrymore is following her lead, she certainly shares this affection for Mother Nature. She published Instagram video earlier this month or she enjoyed the downpour and laughed as the raindrops washed over her face.

“I’m such a hippie that when I see rain, I just think I want to go out in it and feel a little baptism from Mother Nature and be free and not worry for a second,” she told People.

“Rain is a signal for me to let go and stop overthinking everything,” she added.

AMENDMENT: In a previous version of this story, Grove Collaborative was called Grove Collective.