Educational courses focused on esports: i.e.

The International Esports Federation (IESF) and the North American High School Esports Federation (NASEF) have announced a new online platform designed to provide gamers with over 3,000 free eSports-related educational courses. A variety of courses, from eSports 101 to coaching, management and live events. The partnership will be supported by the Busan Capital City in the hope of streamlining organizational structures in esports and training IESF member federations.

As part of the partnership, IESF and NASEF will also host several workshops at the Esports World Cup Finals in Bali, Indonesia.

“IESF provides accessible resources that will further strengthen and grow the esports ecosystem for all of our member federations and the World Esports Family. We are very excited to launch this project with NASEF and we look forward to educating and empowering our members by partnering with NASEF to host workshops at the upcoming Esports World Cup Finals in Bali this December.”

Image credit: IESF, NASEF