Giants Coach Mark McVeigh Slams His Team After Sydney Swans Defeat

The GWS Giants were criticized by acting manager Mark McVeigh who said the club were embarrassed by their 17.10 (112) to 5.9 (39) loss in the Sydney Derby and asked if some of the his players.

The Sydney Swans’ win was the result of their highest margin in a derby since 2015 and further humiliation for the Giants, who have won just five games this season and are now in 16th place.

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It’s a terrible predicament for a roster still loaded with so much talent, and it prompted McVeigh to lash out in post-match criticism.

“We have dishonored our club,” he said.

“They are clearly far superior to us at the moment. That’s the frustrating part of dealing with whether players check out or not.”

“Today I am extremely disappointed with our midfield in general. It’s just pure speed and effort. Wants to defend, wants to fight. The motivation should be how proud you are of yourself as a player and how proud you are of playing for the Giants.

McVeigh said only eight players, Sam Taylor, Harry Perryman, Josh Kelly, Callan Ward, Adam Kennedy, Laci Whitfield, Jesse Hogan and Toby Green, “went to the wall” and struggled until the end of the game.

The former great Essendon said that after the game he spent a lot of time in the rooms with the players and sat in silence to see what responses were received from the playing group.

He added that there should be a change of leadership in the club.

“Without going into too much detail, we have received good, honest feedback from our peers and players, which is a good thing. Some players have said that you don’t often hear what we need from this club in the future.”

McVeigh named the two players as the club’s future leaders in Harry Perryman, who did a great job, noting Chad Warner’s Jet Swans and Sam Taylor, who was on top again as he achieved the All-Australian guernsey and the first best and fairest. reward.

“He dominates the games a lot. It’s scary to think if he hadn’t played how many goals they would have scored. He’s a star, an absolute star,” McVeigh said.

Originally published as ‘We have dishonored our club’: Giants coach eviscerated his own team